I’m “In a Relationship”

As a perpetual matchmaker (no comments, please), who views each day as an opportunity to “couple up” the people I meet, and a hopeless romantic related to the lives of others, my heart swoons when I see this status change. The words “____ is in a relationship” leave me imagining romantic getaways, “Do you want to go steady?” proposals, and hours of handholding exploration.

Today, as I longingly waited at the Sri Lankan baggage claim, my heart fluttered a bit when I saw my solid, orange partner turn the corner. It was at that moment that I realized a fact that might be obvious to others. I AM in a relationship—WITH MY SUITCASE.

My life is filled with an amazing family, and friends who understand the complexities of this affair and how my fascination has ruled an otherwise normal existence.

How do I know that this is “forever” enough to consider changing my own Facebook status? I offer my case…for the suitcase.

I spent a lot of time choosing this partner. After years in a monogamous relationship with another tanned duffle that ended after years of contentment, I was not ready for a quick, cheap replacement. I wanted the same longterm happiness with a similar painless ending. I searched for weeks to find the perfect match. I looked online. I shopped around. I was selective and knew exactly what I was looking for. Years of experience – some good, some bad- taught me exactly what I needed from this companion. There is no doubt that I know more about selecting a suitcase than I may a soulmate.

I know this companion well. Even after weeks of separation, my hand knows exactly where to go to grasp for the perfect fit. When something is off balance or we encounter a rock in the road, we have enough experience together to navigate the rough terrain. If we stumble or fall, I happily provide the help needed to get us on track and my partner falls inline.

There is never a question..my suitcase knows exactly what I need…Be ready to go on a whim, make lots of space for me, be dependable, and don’t disappoint me- even though I may load you down with lots of baggage.

When separated, I wait with a sense of anticipation and nervousness…there is always a chance my companion will not return to me. Upon first view, my heart beats with the satisfaction of knowing our life journey continues. As the conveyor belt shortens our physical separation, it is all I can do to refrain from an emotional public display of affection. Instead, I smile as we reunite with a sense of relief and renewed commitment to our life together.

We share amazing memories. Our time together is spent exploring new destinations, but also wrapped in dreams of days gone by. I know that I will never forget our weary hilltop hike to a hotel in Torremolinos, running to catch last minute train departures, or the rocky sidewalks of Rome.

I can be somewhat possessive when others try to get between us. It seems like people are always wanting to take my significant other from my arms. Bellhops…drivers…train staff…always so persistent, but I usually stand firm and send them away with a cold stare and a stern “I’ve got it.”

Life is better with another, and I am so happy to have found my perfect fit. I dreamily spend hours making plans for us and considering our future together. I know this obsession may interfere with other relationships, but it is a price I am willing to pay for peace and satisfaction.

Now, no need to question if this partner makes me feel cramped, lonely, or longing for the companionship of others. The good news is that this chosen one fully supports the idea of romance…even when it means jetting together across the globe. Unlike most relationships, this soulmate is never jealous when I bring another home.

Have I made my CASE?

About bartoszblog

Working as a teacher has taught me about life. Working at the front desk of a hotel taught me a lot about people.
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4 Responses to I’m “In a Relationship”

  1. Mont Mitchell says:

    Well said my sweet traveler. This one really made us laugh!!!! Be safe. Praying for you! MONT

  2. sue ellen says:

    I think your last suitcase was just teaching you what you really need in a long trem suitcase! Love following your adventure!

  3. soulfool says:

    geez, id like to be your suitcase!!

  4. erinjuliah says:

    I too have an orange duffle that I’m in love with. I describe the color as November Pumpkin. Its had the cardboard lining torn out of the bottom and patched with teal duct tape. My mom bought us all LL Bean duffle bags with our initials embroidered on them. Mine is a dull blue with no extra pockets. She gets offended when I use the one I bought myself that has been with me to Canada, Florida, South Dakota, North Carolina and college instead.

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