Queen’s Hotel in Kandy

I found the Queen’s Hotel online for $45 per night…a last minute deal before heading to Kandy. The reviews marveled at the charm and old world appeal of this five-star respite. When I arrived, I felt as if I took a step back in time to years gone by. The lobby was bedecked (a word I love and learned years ago from the wedding section of the Taylorville Breeze Courier) with a hardwood staircase and marble floors. The gated elevator…the piano…the fancy curios…I could imagine years of luxuriating guests wandering the lobby. I was thrilled to enjoy the entrance of two grand wedding parties during my stay that included festive music and dancing. Modern amenities were splashed around but seemed like unnecessary additions to the charming surroundings.

I think I enjoyed the hotel for the same reasons Hugh Heffner finds young girlfriends. We all kind of long for a peek into heydays of the past…putting ourselves in the photo albums of those before us…and finding out what all the fuss was about. I don’t think I’d date Hugh, but I really enjoyed my flashback days at the Queen’s Hotel.

About bartoszblog

Working as a teacher has taught me about life. Working at the front desk of a hotel taught me a lot about people.
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2 Responses to Queen’s Hotel in Kandy

  1. marion purcelli says:

    Praise the Lord….at last: an appreciation for something old.

  2. Ha!!! your adventure there was much more pure i’m sure!!!!:)

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