The Eternal Monument to Love….Taj Mahal

Arrived in Agra last night…known for simply one thing that happens to be one of the Wonders of the World….THE Taj Mahal.

Once you’ve made the journey, it seems worth a sunrise and sunset visit to see the, awe-inspiring…no, impressive…no…there really are no words to describe this monument to eternal love.

Shan Jahan built The Taj as a mausoleum and final resting spot for his third wife Mumtaz Mahal who died while giving birth to their FOURTEENTH child. You can read more about the Taj Mahal here… It’s a romantic story that according to the guide has inspired lovers for lifetimes.

Like everyone, I have seen pictures in textbooks and video clips from news events and movies…but walking through the gate and watching as the full beauty of Taj Mahal unfolded was one of the greatest travel moments of my life. The glistening white marble is an example of artistic and mathematical genius. Each view and angle is carefully designed to create a sense of beauty and peace. If Shan Jahan’s legacy was to create a showplace of his love…his success could be felt with the quickened beats of my heart as well as the looks of awe on the faces of those around me!

The architecture is perfect – inside and out – with the expectation of being viewed from every angle. Inlaid semi-precious stones make beautiful designs that can be viewed from a distance, but are incredibly beautiful when viewed up close. The pillars are perfectly designed to be viewed from the ground with the scale of the writings adapting to make the view consistent for guests.

From this point on, I will see those pictures…and watch those video clips of the Taj Mahal and remember that this is much more than an historic wonder, but instead remember the Romantic feeling of wandering through this legacy to Shan Jahan’s love.

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1 Response to The Eternal Monument to Love….Taj Mahal

  1. All i can say is WOW!!!!! Looking forward to more insight on your visit!!!!

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