Parting Indian Lessons

Just starting to think about lessons from India…will be digesting for at least 20 years. Such an interesting place…unexplainable events…lots of lessons learned from masterful teachers and new friends.

A few lessons…

Power in…power out! Flickering lights don’t seem to phase anyone in India. Just move on in the dark and expect power to return in a few seconds…it did every time. Going to keep this as my attitude when addressing minor blips in my days.

I have become accustomed to separate entrances for women…the line is always a bit faster. Maybe some extra special treatment isn’t a bad thing… Sometimes!

Nodding heads in all directions…not sure what means yes and what means no…but it’s a habit that I have started to unintentionally mimic. It seems to please everyone. I’ll try that at home and see how it goes.

I watched women in the most beautiful saris walking through some pretty dirty locations with a sense of style I would love to muster. It doesn’t matter what I face, I can maintain a sense of grace.

You can find beautiful things in unexpected places…just have to keep your eyes open!

I enjoyed bellowing laughs and verbal responses at the movie theater. It was a simple movie…but the giggling of one guy made the movie funnier. I guess that’s how good feelings are passed -someone just has to get the ball rolling.

Naan, roti, caipatti, it’s all bread and I loved every piece. I could never survive a low carb lifestyle…but I could reasonably be expected to live without sugar or caffeine.

The difference between good and great is attention to details…big and small. The best hotels on this trip had thought about the presentation of everything. My mom made this point by saying “You can serve a gourmet dinner on a garbage lid and no one is going to eat it.” It’s true…presentation matters!

Indian drivers honk their horns to let others know they are near…with all the human, vehicle, and animal pedestrians, this means you are surrounded by constant honking. Communication is good, but too much can be a bit annoying.

Trust and instinct are good things… use them! They rarely let you down.

There is nothing more exciting to me than the imbalance of the unknown. It turns on my senses and opens my eyes to unexpected surprises.

Dancing is always fun…Wherever… whenever…whatever…everyone should make time for dancing. Me? I’m dreaming of Bollywood.

Wondering what I did before the iPhone for booking hotels, finding flights, banking, staying in touch with home, knowing what is happening in the world, converting $$ amounts, taking pictures, storing contact information, listening to music, researching places to see, mapping my whereabouts, and writing notes to myself. Please don’t let me lose it!

I have become very accustomed to lost personal space and being felt up by security everywhere…hotels, trains and most aggressively boarding planes. Not sure of lesson learned here…but I know there is one…no theories from the audience are necessary.

I am not good at many things…can’t remember facts about anything… have no obvious talents or skills..can’t play an instrument… don’t speak a second language… not very coordinated and lack balance. BUT, I am really good at surrounding myself with amazing people and that’s enough for me.

About bartoszblog

Working as a teacher has taught me about life. Working at the front desk of a hotel taught me a lot about people.
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2 Responses to Parting Indian Lessons

  1. Kathy says:

    Welcome Back. Thank you for sharing, loved reading your blogs. I look forward to visiting with you very soon!

  2. Kathy says:

    After reading all of the blogs, you have a fine talent of writing!

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