Reentry…Here I am!

Reentry…here I am! Experience should prepare me for this, but I am still taken aback by all that a return to reality entails.

My transition home began in the taxi on my final ride in Mumbai when the driver played a CD of cheesy American pop music. I couldn’t help but smile because it sounded so foreign and was the first evidence of the lacking basics of my daily life.

Reentry to life in my favorite city is filled with dread at the upcoming end of personal freedom (yes….drama queen mode is turned on) and also anticipation for a few weeks of Chicago summer style fun. I can’t wait to get my feet bopping at Summerdance, enjoy morning lakefront walks, Greekfest, rooftop dining, and a bike ride or two. What I love best about our city are the opportunities to appreciate touches of distant places in our own backyards. While I may be off Indian food for a bit (aside from a daily need for roti), it’s nice to know I can travel to Chicago’s own Little India in just a few short minutes for a nostalgic curry dinner.

Reflecting on the past five weeks, I an eternally grateful for people and places sprinkled throughout India who helped me uncover pieces of myself that are new discoveries. I hate it…I love it…when people and a place get trapped in my soul and leave me aching for more – but I have learned that happiness comes in all forms and this journey of life is uniquely my own. India is one of those places that will leave a nagging ache so you can fully expect me to have my India groove on for a bit. Forgive my endless chatter that begins with “Well, one time in India….” Overlook my colorful Indian clothes that will seem a tad inappropriate when meeting for sushi. Pardon my closed palm greetings of Namaste. Forgive my…desire to bargain when we visit the mall, honking horn while driving my car, and the reduction of your personal space bubble. This too shall pass!

Thanks to all who enjoyed this trip with me! Both real and virtual travel companions added an appreciated spice to India.

About bartoszblog

Working as a teacher has taught me about life. Working at the front desk of a hotel taught me a lot about people.
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2 Responses to Reentry…Here I am!

  1. What an amazing trip this has been for you!!! And for me, one of your virtual travel companions! I have learned so much, hurry up and plan your next trip, i need MORE!! London perhaps????

  2. Jeanette Quirk says:

    A fascinating and well written memoir. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

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