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Out of Africa and Into Melbourne

Returning home from poverty-stricken areas usually leads to disruptive and reflective emotional moments. I return to the comforts of my home with a sense of guilt about all I have and a general feeling of disdain for all of the … Continue reading

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Nairobi…a State Department Travel Warning Can’t Be a Good Thing, Right?

By all accounts I have read and heard, I knew Nairobi would be interesting…and a stretch. With over three million people, it is one of the biggest cities in Africa. Recent history has been turbulent with over 1,000 deaths and … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Safari

Pre-Safari The idea of visiting Africa without going on a safari was appalling to anyone who had visited before. Even people are not self-proclaimed “animal lovers” would say that a safari ranked near the top of their travel adventures. Still…I … Continue reading

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I am making a new aviation rule…before you buy a ticket, the agent should be obliged to tell you that his idea of a “small” plane means twelve seats where the pilot might ask you to move behind him to … Continue reading

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What Is My Breaking Point?

Twenty eight hours on buses and somebody around here is stinky. Oh, wait! That’s me! I know I talk a lot about bus rides, but I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. And, by my estimation, I have spent … Continue reading

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