It’s Me…Being Boring in Sydney

Ahhhh..I am heading to Nepal tonight and I couldn’t be happier.

My last blog post ended in New Zealand. If there was an award for the most beautiful place in the world, NZ would get my vote. Fresh, clean, bright, and beautiful are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about the sights I saw and places I visited. A short flight from Queenstown to Wellington took me to the South Island for a day visiting some Lord of the Rings sights. I am not a big fan…in fact, I only saw the movie because my friend Holly requested it as her birthday outing years ago. But, after spending a month with Josiah…a film buff who lists the trilogy as his top movie picks, I felt I had to go check it out. Plus, the movie locations are such amazing places in NZ that it was worth every minute. Personally, I just loved the cute little Hobbiton houses! I hopped from place to place in the South Island including Wellington, Taupo, Rotorua, and Auckland. I was breezing through each spot wishing I had more weeks to explore NZ because I likely won’t be back because it is sooo far and soooooooo expensive.

In Auckland, I had the special opportunity to meet with Luke and Drake. I taught Luke when he was in kindergarten and now he is about a foot taller than me and is getting ready to wander around New Zealand. Facebook is cool like that…his mom saw where I was and made the connection for us. For me, the weirdest part was knowing that I taught a five year old who is now old enough to drink beer. Ouch!

I spent the last few days in Sydney and while it is a lovely city, I am ready I leave. My first views and city experiences were amazing, I enjoyed a trip to the opera house…well I am not so cultured, so it is better to say I survived my trip to the Opera House, but I am so glad I went. I had lots of time walking around the harbor and city center. I saw a few movies. I just generally got ready for my next
eight weeks because they are going to be busy ones, before I head to Italy…my final destination…on May 1. I wouldn’t say that Sydney bored me…it didn’t…it was just so close to being home-like that I found myself longing more for time with family and friends…doing those things that are fun to do at home. I don’t think much about being alone. I know some people would dread the thought of eating alone in restaurants, hanging out at airports, and traveling on overnight buses without a partner..for me, I rarely think about it. BUT, going to movies solo and watching all of the hand holding couples is not my idea of a party! However, in this case, I saw Lincoln and Silver Lining Playbook and really enjoyed both of them!

I don’t think Sydney was boring…I think I was!! Even though there are once in a lifetime opportunities there, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend big bucks on things after looking at my over budget for the past month. I took the time to hang out, catch up on email, and wander. My AirBNB place was across the Sydney bridge so it was especially cool to walk across that every day with a beautiful view of the harbor and opera house.

I can already feel it! The new adventure begins today! I am at the airport in Abu Dhabi and I already have that internal intrigue back in my heart! Yeah!!


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Working as a teacher has taught me about life. Working at the front desk of a hotel taught me a lot about people.
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2 Responses to It’s Me…Being Boring in Sydney

  1. Teresa Lydon says:

    I think you forgot to mention where you are going next exactly! I’m looking forward to your next great adventure of making new acquaintances on the road less traveled. Our prayers are with you each and everyday.

    • bartoszblog says:

      Thank you! I definitely feel your participation and prayers. I just arrived in Nepal and I love it already…honking cars, people everywhere, all kinds of activity. My hotel cost $10 a night which is also great!!! Spending the day plotting my next weeks. Hoping to do a yoga trek and some volunteering, too!

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