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Guatemalan Charm

Tiny bugs-they look like mini ants-are scurrying across my iPad screen…I have given up trying to squoosh them and have decided they are a minor distraction while enjoying this cafe on the island of Flores, Guatemala. I can’t say if Guatemala … Continue reading

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Soy Una Estudiante

I never realized what a daydreaming student I must be, until only ten minutes into my first Spanish class in Antigua, Guatemala. I imagined taking Spanish lessons to set a firm foundation for my months exploring Central and South America … Continue reading

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So…This is Antigua

2:20 am and it’s raining so hard in Antigua, Guatemala that it would be impossible for anyone to sleep…much less someone who zonked out at 9:00 pm. My “year of summer” is off to a wet start….with mid-day showers and … Continue reading

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Is My Body Ready For This Journey?

Planning for a “round the world” journey began for me about 15 years ago. As a newly-tenured teacher, I gained the confidence to schedule a meeting with our school superintendent. I had only been in his office one time before, … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend 2011

To set the foundation for my 20-year “Labor Day Weekend” stories, I have to search back a bit to life before this year. It’s 2011! I’m waking this morning to a sunny day in Chicago…enjoying a cup of tea and … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend

For the past few weeks, I have been enjoying the book “One Day” by David Nicholls. While I am just getting started, I am simply attracted to a format that follows two characters on the same day for a twenty … Continue reading

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